Why Register?

1. Registration of Research and Development activities is a legal requirement as prescribed by the Science and Technology Act No. 26 1997. Any contravention in respect of the rules and regulations set out in the Science and Technology Act No. 26 of 1997 are liable to a fine not exceeding twenty thousand penalty units or a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years or both.

2. Registration with the NSTC further promotes collaboration and sharing of information between and/or among institutions.

3. Institutions stand to benefit from the competitive research grants offered by the National Science and Technology Council.

How to Register.

The registration period runs from January to March every year. To register/ renew registration for your R&D Institution or Centre, you will be required to fill in the registration forms 1 and 2. You will also be required to make payment either by depositing directly into our account or coming to our office to make payment in person.

1st time Registration

Please fill in the form 1 and 2.


Please fill in form 1 only.

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