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Call Opening Date:            17th August, 2020

Call Closing Date:              17th September, 2020


The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) is one of the Science Granting Councils (SGCs) participating in the Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) for Sub Saharan Africa. The SGCI seeks to strengthen the capacities of the participating SGCs in supporting research and evidence-based policies that will contribute to socio-economic development of the countries. The NSTC under the auspices of the SGCI has attracted funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada to fund Research.

In fulfilment of one of NSTC’s specific functions of ensuring that gender concerns are integrated at all levels of science and technology development in the country, the NSTC is applying part of the said funds to understand the Gender dimensions in science, technology and innovation in Zambia.

Although gender mainstreaming has been a priority of Government, the challenges of participation of females in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) have been prevalent; with an apparent imbalance in the participation of females and males in Science, Technology and Innovation in the country as evidenced by the low number of females in STI careers. This situation necessitates affirmative action to incorporate gender dimensions and deliberately encourage females to participate in STI, as an expression of the recognition of the key role that females play in the development of STI and the commitment to inclusive STI development.

The Council is therefore calling for project proposals to research on Gender Dimensions in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Academia-Industry-Research & Development in Zambia.

The aim of this commissioned study is to get an understanding of the local context of gender in science, technology and innovation in academia-industry-research and development and support the advancement of gender equality in STI in the country.

  • Research Areas 

The research project must address the following:

  1. Provide an in-depth insight on gender in science, technology and innovation in academia-industry-research & development in Zambia
  2. Factors influencing gender dimensions in science, technology and innovation in academia-industry-research & development in Zambia
  3. Evidence-informed decision-making support tools for advancing gender equality in STI in the country
  4. Workable implementation mechanisms to address the issue of gender inequality in STI in the country


  • Research proposals should be practical and focused towards problem solving in the identified priority research area.
  • Proposals that demonstrate a strong multidisciplinary and collaborative approach among researchers and institutions are encouraged.
  • Funding Ceiling and Expenses

The funding ceiling is Three Hundred Thousand Kwacha only (ZMW300,000.00).

The grant may cover the following expenses:

  1. Research materials and supplies
  2. Research equipment and accessories
  3. Local travel
  4. Special services
  5. Dissemination of results and publications
  6. Institutional Administrative cost at 5% of the total budget
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation cost at 5% of the total budget

  The grant will not cover the following expenses: 

  1. Salaries and Honoraria for the research team 
  2. Institutional financial management costs such as audit fees
  3. Insurance costs not related to the project. 
  • Project Duration  

The maximum project duration is twenty-four (24) months.

  • Eligibility

This Call is open to:

  1. Public and private science and technology Research and Development (R&D) Institutions/Centres and Institutions of Higher Learning that are registered with NSTC.
  1. Individual researchers (shall be required to be affiliated to an NSTC-registered institution).

Females and differently abled persons are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • How to Apply

Applicants must submit a Research Proposal by way of completing the prescribed Application Form, which is available on the National Science and Technology Council website;(www.nstc.org.zm). Applicants can also request for the Application Form from the following E-mail address: nstc@nstc.org.zm.

Applications must be submitted electronically to: srf@nstc.org.zm and copied to nstc@nstc.org.zm. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.

The Closing Date for submitting applications is Thursday, 17th September, 2020

  • Proposals will be evaluated and reviewed by independent experts. Selection of projects will be on merit and priority, taking into consideration the following:
  • Evidence of significance of contribution to advancing gender equality in STI
  • Scientific merit and quality of the proposed research;
  • Multidisciplinarity of the proposed research
  • Originality and innovativeness of the proposed research;
  • Collaboration, and capacity of the research team
  1. The decisions of the SRF Fund Management Committee shall be final.

For further information and inquiries, contact NSTC on Telephone: +260-211-255854, E-mail: nstc@nstc.org.zm.

Download the application form here.

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