The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) is a statutory body established by the Science and Technology Act No. 26 of 1997. The main function or mandate of the Council as prescribed in the Act is to ‘promote science and technology so as to improve the quality of life in Zambia’.


The Strategic Plan and BSC provide the strategic direction and operational framework for the Council for the next three (3) years. The Plan sets out a Vision of ‘A Smart and Value Centred Science, Technology and Innovation Council’. To realize the Vision, the Council commits itself to the Mission Statement: ‘To Promote Science, Technology and Innovation for Industrial Development’.
The Council will in the next three (3) years focus on the two areas to achieve its Mission and ultimately the Vision. The following are the areas of focus:


  • Science and Technology Excellence, and
  • Operational Excellence.


To effectively deliver on its mandate, the Council has set for itself six (6) Strategic Objectives. These objectives and their intended results are:

  1. Promote science, technology and innovation to increase scientific knowledge,enhance product development, increase uptake of research results by industry, compliance to STI standards, improved science centres and development of science parks;
  2. Strengthen stakeholder linkages to enhance science, technology and innovation sector coordination;
  3. Improve financial management which will result in adequate financial resources and increased financial accountability;
  4. Improve human capital which will result in high staff performance, motivated staff, a positive work culture and optimal staffing levels.
  5. Improve operational systems and procedures resulting into improved Council’s efficiency and effectiveness; and
  6. Improve institutional infrastructure and equipment which will result in creation of a conducive working environment.

Balanced Scorecard 2019-2021
Strategic Plan 2019-2021

To Promote Science, Technology and Innovation for Industrial Development.

A Smart and Value Centered Science, Technology and Innovation Council

To develop and implement coordination, promotion, monitoring and resources mobilisation systems for science, technology and innovation in Zambia

The development of indigenous technological capacity; the use of science and technology in industry, the integration of gender concerns in science and technology development of broad national priorities in science and technology.

Regulating research in science and technology including the registration of research and research development institutions and initiating special projects.

Coordinating research in science and technology in Zambia.

Advising the government on science and technology related policies, the establishment of any new research and development institutions and national research development priorities.

Mobilising and making available financial, human and other resources including science and technology information to research and development institutions.

The Policy, Regulation, Evaluation and Monitoring (PREM) Unit is one of the four units under the Programme Development and Implementation (PDI) Department of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The activities undertaken by the Unit include the following;

  1. Registration of Research and Development Activities
  2. Regulation of Research and Development
  3. Determining broad directions, stimulate coordination and initiate special projects in S&T
  4. Generating evidence based advice to government on topical science and technology issues

The Promotion unit promotes science, technology and innovation for the improved quality of life in Zambia. The unit also organises events such as the Zambia Science Conference, Commeration of the World Science Day for Peace and Development and Science , Technology and Innovation Forums.

The grants system makes available funds to scientists, the youth innovation fund and
strategic research fund. The specific objective of the Science, Technology and Innovation Youth fund is to provide
financial support to the youth innovators for development of their technological innovations.
The strategic research fund aims to support research and development projects which can
generate new knowledge in basic and applied sciences . It is also aimed at generating
more research capabilities and expertise within Zambia .One of the success stories under
the programme is the creation of the center of excellence at Nkandabbwe High School
where the schools science laboratory has been fully provided with science lab apparatus.

This unit promotes and publicizes broad information related issues in science and technology,
including the maintenance of an electronic library, provision to access international science
journals , creation of the database which contains information about scientists and their
works in areas of science and technology.

The department deals with issues of;

  • Mobilizing financial, human and other resources for making available to
    research and development institutions
  • Preparing the Council budget.
  • Advising on matters relating to financing of science and technology
    activities and dministering human resources and financial management.

Our mission is to enhance Zambia’s capacity for scientific research and technological development, in order to create wealth and improve the quality of life in Zambia by promoting the development and application of science and technology.