1. National Research Fund NRF

2. The University of Zambia UNZA

3. National Remote Sensing Centre NRSC

4. The National Technology Business Centre NTBC

5. The Copperbelt University CBU

6. Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority ZICTA

7. The Zambia Agriculture Research Institute ZARI

8. National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research NISIR

9. The Technology Development and Advisory Unit TDAU

10. Central Veterinary Research Institute CVRI

11. Fundo Nacional de Investigação FNI

12. The National Malaria Control Centre NMCC

13. Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists JETS

14. The Engineering Institution of Zambia EIZ

15. The Ministry of Higher Education MoHE

16. Government Ministries

17. Industries

Our mission is to enhance Zambia’s capacity for scientific research and technological development, in order to create wealth and improve the quality of life in Zambia by promoting the development and application of science and technology.