Registration of research and development (R&D) is undertaken on an annual basis. The registration period runs from January to March each year.

The Science and Technology Act No. 26 of 1997 and the Science and Technology (Registration and Monitoring) Regulations, 2001 empowers the NSTC to register all Research and Development Institutions and Centers involved in the following areas of research;


  1. Health Research
  2. Industrial Research
  3. Agricultural Research
  4. Energy Research
  5. Environmental Research
  6. Food and Beverages Production Research
  7. Mines and Minerals Development Research
  8. Veterinary Research
  9. Water Development Research
  10. Engineering Research
  11. Forestry Research
  12. Wildlife Research
  13. Fisheries Research
  14. Archeological Research
  15. Transport and Communications Research
  16. Construction and Building Material Research
  17. Biotechnology Research
  18. New and Emerging Technologies Research
  19. Chemical Research
  20. Information Technology Research and
  21. Any other as it may determine.

  1. Registration is a legal requirement as prescribed by the Science and Technology Act No. 26 1997. Any contravention in respect of the rules and regulations set out in the Science and Technology Act are liable to a fine not exceeding twenty thousand penalty units or a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years or both.
  2. Registration with the NSTC promotes collaboration and sharing of information between and/or among institutions.
  3. Institutions stand to benefit from the competitive research grants administered by the National Science and Technology Council.

Registration Process

  1.  Review of necessary documentation
  2. Filling in of Application Forms
  3. Submission of application forms together with payment or proof of payment
  4. Issuance of confirmation receipt
  5. Await feedback from NSTC
  6. Issuance of Certificate of Registration for successful applicants


 New Registration

 Please fill in registration forms 1 and 2.



Please fill in form 1 only.



The fees based on the invoice issued to your organisation shall apply and payment can be made by either depositing directly into our account or coming to our office.

R&D Registration Form 2
R&D Registration Form 1

Our mission is to enhance Zambia’s capacity for scientific research and technological development, in order to create wealth and improve the quality of life in Zambia by promoting the development and application of science and technology.